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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

GBV at Dublin Pub! Do it.

live in Dayton!!!!  Wednesday, March 16th.  wow...that's only 2 weeks from now.  $25 for Tickets...GO HERE.  When I first heard of this, I said no way (I could make it).  But upon further review...this is an early show.  Doors at 6:00pm, the Dirty Socialites come on at 7:00, then the GBV comes on at 8:30.  Assuming a 2.5 hour show...this could be over by 11:00.  Pittsburgh-ers can be back home by 3:00am for the next work day.  We can do this.  Leave by 2:00pm...back by 3:00am.  13 hours of rawk bliss.  I'm crazy enough.  fckya!

The Dublin Pub is in the Oregon District on 300 Wayne Ave.  

upon review, the Dirty Socialites sound like a pretty good time.  They're from Dayton, as well...described as indie shoegazers.  i like it.  Check 'em out HERE on MySpace.

Let's do this.

rumors continue to swirl about a possible appearance at Pitchfork Fest this year as well, but we haven't seen anything official.


Jables said...


gbvh said...

This is the place I saw GBV in Dayton for the first time ever.
Got there so early we couldn't check in yet.
Hit up the Tumbleweed for $2 beers.

gbvh said...

Yep, this one:


Also a March 16.
See comments section. Hehe.

gary said...

"w/ Kentucky Overflow. Info from Bob's eBay auction of this gig poster: After this show Bob was almost arrested and GBV was banned from ever entering the Dublin Pub again."

quoting gbvdb