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Friday, March 04, 2011

Thurston Moore Covers Guided By Voices | SPIN.com

"Stabbing a Star." FCKYA!!! go to the article below and listen now you fuckers.  Free mp3.

Premiere: Thurston Moore Covers Guided By Voices | SPIN.com
"the Sonic Youth guitarist conjures deranged riffage and squealing amp death over an awesomely ramshackle beat that sounds like it's getting banged out on dented garbage cans."

the GBV tribute album, Sing For Your Meat, should be out soon, kids. stay tuned.

thanks again to gbvh, who always provides the best and most important stuff to these pages.


gbvh said...

you were apposed to post this like eight months from now.

gary said...

haha! it's the newly committed EC! or does that take away some of the luster of this page :)

gbvh said...

SCK ! !