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Sunday, March 13, 2011

C'est merde de chien

my French isn't the greatest, so piss off.  What we're trying to say is...that was the worst Pens effort of the year.  Yeah, it was Montreal.  And yeah, we sucked again.  The Habs get the early goal, go into their little shitty trap...and it was a puke fest for the entire 60 minutes.

Kris Letang may have played the worst game of his season.  He should be forgiven, though.  He was getting hammered over at our place Friday night, spinning records, rocking out all night.  Clearly he was hung over.  Turns out he's a huge Devo fan, though.  So that's cool.  He also says UTBUTS is a better album than Universal Truths and Cycles.

other notes:

PK Subban is still a douche.

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