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Thursday, March 17, 2011

get yer GBV Grand Rapids tix!

EC advises that you get tickets for this immediately. They go on sale THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 18th at noon via Ticket WEB. Rumor has it the capacity is only 430, and this will be the Grand Opening of the Pyramid Scheme, a new venue in downtown GR.  Do it.

Coincidentally, one of the co-owners is Mark Sellers, brother of John...who authored one of our favorite reads Perfect From Now On.


Jables said...

DUDE!! Keep on the DL!

If I dont get tickets now I am gonna blame the Empties Crushed advertisements.


gbvh said...

"gbvh" and "rumour" are not synonyms.

and then there is the sellers bit.

credit, please.

i kid . . .

Jables said...

ah geez